At Dr. Alok Homeopathic Clinic we don’t treat the disease alone, we treat the person as a whole. Means, that is to say by producing natural homeostasis we improve the resistance/tolerance/immunity/Natural healing power of a person up to such a level that disease is treated by body itself; what so ever the name of disease is, it does not matter; our system is helpful in any stage or disease process. Understanding you After taking thorough case histories which include detailed inquiry about your illness, past history, family history, treatment history, investigations if required, your general information as appetite, thirst, thermal tolerance, emotional & psychiatric nature, temperament etc. our treatment begins with a right remedy which brings about a complete transformation at psyche, mental and physical levels.

This is our Uniqueness. Apart from reversing the disease process, our remedies also re-balance your personality and temperament, leaving you healthy, happy, more efficient and revitalized. We achieve our amazing results with the simple but natural homeopathic remedies only. Your emotional nature, the physical ailments you experience and the way you react to your environment mirror your 'genetics'. This is a complex and intimate interplay between psyche and body and its expression is unique to every individual. Eventually, this holistic union - for better or worse - determines who you are and your state of health and well-being. Understanding you that is your genetics and ultimately your sensitivity accurately is fundamental to your successful treatment - and this is one of the areas of our expertise.

Large-scale studies have found homeopathy is more effective than a placebo and normal recovery from illness. The effect of Dr. Alok Singh Rathore Medicine formula start working from the very first day to Cure and Care of these Problems.